There are a number of alternative dispute resolution procedures, and mediation is the most used process.  In this process, a neutral mediator attempts to work with the parties to resolve the dispute.  Jodi McShan has successfully mediated a number of cases and provides an understanding and experienced ear to both sides.  As a neutral, her role is to help the parties find some middle ground and compromise.  The neutral cannot choose sides and often brings creative solutions to the problems at hand.

Virtually all issues can go into mediation, including children and property issues.  Ms. McShan has worked with both as an attorney and as a mediator.  She is a strong advocate of mediation as it lets the parties have control of the resolution.  If the case goes to a judge, everyone is at the mercy of the judge's ruling.  In mediation, the parties may not get exactly what they want, but they can determine the outcome of their case and choose what happens to their case.  

It is becoming more common for couples to go to mediation prior to even filing for divorce.  Ms. McShan is happy to work with individuals before or after a petition has been filed.  She has worked with pro se individuals and individuals represented by an attorney.