Child Support


Child Support is the legal obligation to provide financial support for your child, including monthly child support payments and provision of healthcare.  It is ordered by the Court in any Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (commonly known as a SAPCR).  The parent who does not determine the primary residence of the children is generally the individual who pays child support.  This is an very serious obligation.  Failure to pay can result in a jail sentence.

The firm represents individuals in modifying child support and in enforcement of child support.  A party may file for modification upon a showing of a material and substantial change in circumstances of the parties.  Either party may file, and child support can be increased or decreased, depending upon the circumstances.

The firm pursues and defends motions for enforcement of child support.  If the obligor (individual ordered to pay) fails to make payments, the other party or the State of Texas can file to enforce the Court's order.  If the Court finds that an individual has not paid child support as ordered, that individual can face fines and time in jail for failure to pay.  This is a very serious allegation and should be dealt with as such.